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How to Create a Manual Route with Mobile Boating App (Video)
Video on how to create manual routes with the Navigation Module in the Navionics Mobile Boating App
Android: Creating an Enhanced Route
Android: Editing Enhanced Route Points
Mobile: Creating a Basic Route
How to create a new Route within the mobile app without Navionics+ subscription.
Mobile: In-app purchases of charts and features
This article explains what is available with a chart purchase through the Boating applications.
Where are my previously purchased in-app upgrades?
Explains availability of in-app upgrade purchases made before Boating version release 8.0(iOS)/5.0(Android).
Mobile: Navigation Module
Navigation Module Feature explanation for Mobile
Navigation Module: Why is my time/distance/bearing different on the screen?
Explains the difference between the created route totals & real-time GPS totals.
Can I change selected regions for the Nav+ or NavUpdates card?
Not seeing Route details in Mobile App with Navigation Module