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Community Edits - How to Add and Edit
Community Edits allows mobile user to edit their mapping information to reflect changes in chart data and are shared with the Navionics Community, including both mobile users and plotter card users.
Community Edits (Video)
Instructional video on Community Edits
The Power of Community Edits (Video)
Video presentation on the power of Community Edits
Mobile - Community Edits: Download & Refresh Rate
Explanation of how community edits are downloaded and how they are refreshed.
Editing map data
Information about how Community Edits are generated and updated
Are Community Edits included in the Mobile Map Updates?
ActiveCaptain® Community Layer
Information about accessing and editing ActiveCaptain POIs
Community Edits do not show the user nickname
Community Edits do not show the user nickname but a generic "Navionics user" until the user opts in for making the nickname visible to the community.
Will Dock-to-dock Autorouting take into consideration the Community Edits?
Will the changes I make through Community Edits in my mobile app be used in the Navionics charts?