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Syncing Devices

Access Navionics charts and features on Raymarine Lighthouse 3 Plotters
How to set up your Raymarine Axiom model or upgraded eS and gS model plotter for use with a Navionics card.
Plotter Sync with Raymarine: Transferring Routes & Markers
How to transfer Routes & Markers between your mobile app and chart plotter and vice versa using Plotter Sync
Plotter Sync with Raymarine: Updating Charts on your Plotter Card
How to update chart detail on your Navionics plotter card through Plotter Sync on your mobile app
Access Navionics Charts and Features on B&G Zeus3S/3S Glass Helm Plotters
This article includes recommended plotter setup and steps for using your Navionics plotter card with your unit.
Plotter Sync with Navico: Transferring Routes & Markers
How to share routes and markers between your chart plotter and mobile app.
Plotter Sync with Raymarine: Settings, Connections & Activation
Learn how to connect your Raymarine plotter to your mobile app and wirelessly activation your chart card.
Plotter Sync with Navico: Settings, Connections & Activation
Learn how to connect your Lowrance, B&G, or Simrad plotter to your mobile app for Plotter Sync
Plotter Sync: “Plotter card not compatible with sync” Error
What to check if you are receiving the message during Plotter Sync that your card is not compatible.
Plotter Sync: Card Cannot Be Synced
What to do if you are receiving a "card cannot be synced" message while performing Plotter Sync.
Plotter Sync with Navico: Troubleshooting & Other Information
Find troubleshooting information for various sync issues, including subscription status, favorites not transferring, or chart downloads