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What are my options for updating a Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card?

 New Navionics Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum cards are eligible for one year of free online chart updates of the 2D data which includes Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ and Community Edits, as well as Satellite Overlay with SonarChart™ Shading. If your card was purchased through a Navionics dealer, you must activate your subscription for updates on the card within two months of purchase. Platinum products purchased through Navionics' online store are shipped preloaded and active for one year of updates and advanced features. The card can be updated any time throughout the course of the year subscription.

After the Freshest Data subscription has expired: 
  • Get a new card at home for up to 50% off through our website! Just login to your account. You'll receive it preloaded and active, with one year of updates and advanced features. For assistance in getting your new card at home click here.
  • Cards produced in 2011 or later can also be updated online for a subscription cost of 50% off MSRP. Find step-by-step instructions on our Help article at Platinum: Subscription Update Process.

For customers who choose to purchase a replacement through the website, do not discard your original plotter card. You can still:

  1. move any saved SonarChart™ Live files to your new card when you receive it. Here's how.
  2. use your original card in your plotter - just without the benefit of chart updates or advanced features.