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What is the Water Level function in my mobile Map Options?

The Water Level function allows you to adjust shoreline and depths to the current lake level and is available with your one-year subscription for Advanced Features in your mobile app. 
  • Adjusting the setting to a positive direction will raise the water level, for times of a flood pool 
  • Moving the slider to a negative direction will lower the water level, in cases of drought or when a lake is physically drained
If the Water Level is changed to a positive number, indicating water is deeper than referenced on our original charting, it will cause a hazard warning to appear on your map screen. Tap the symbol to get more information.

To reset the depth information to display as they would in our original chart database, you want to set your Water Level to 0 ft/mt/fthm.  This can also be done by resetting your default values.

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User-added image
Water Level Hazard Warning


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