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Chart Viewer - Features and Functions

Navionics offers a Chart Viewer which allows users to view our current chart information for free on our website.

The Chart Viewer can be found at by clicking on the Chart Viewer button at the top of the page.

The Chart Viewer is not a PC Planner or Navigation software, but does offer Route planning, search options and some basic map options.

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1.  Navionics Login - Login to your Navionics account in order to access the Sync My Data feature to sync your Routes
2.  Zoom in and Zoom out
3.  Distance Tool - Tap to measure distance between 2 points on the map to get distance and heading; tap again to exit
4.  Chart Viewer Menu - To access your Archive and other map and setting options
5.  Route - Create a new Manual Route or a new route using Dock-to-dock Autorouting; Route menu options change when in an active Route; Find instructions on creating Routes - Creating and Editing a Route
6.  Chart Selector Button - Choose from Navionics Nautical Chart or SonarChart™ layer
7.  Search Function - Search by name or category

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