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Updating and Downloading Overlays to Platinum+ & HotMaps Platinum cards

Chart information can be updated on Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum products at any time during the course of your active subscription for daily updates.
For information on updating a current card after your subscription has expired, see our Help article Can my plotter card be updated?

Platinum products contain preloaded charts and Platinum features for a specific region. New charting areas cannot be added to Platinum products and the physical chart regions cannot be changed.

Plug your Navionics card into your computer to launch the Chart Installer program. Don't have the Chart Installer? Find it here.

■  Check off the compatible chart layers you wish to update
■  This will update the charting layers for the entire coverage area of your card.

■  For the Satellite Overlay with SonarChart™ Shading, Relief Shading, or
    Sonar Imagery 
options, select the Overlay you want and use the selection
    box on the map to the right to select the area you would like to download.
■  Upon selection and download of any Overlay area, the existing overlay for the entire
    coverage area will be removed from your card. Note: to ensure chart plotter compatibility,
    only one overlay may be hosted on a Navionics card at a time, but you may return to
    swap overlays as long as your subscription is active.
■  Should you receive a message that your card is full, selected Overlay can be purged from
    the card using the trash can icon User-added image. You will then need to select and download this
    feature back to the card for your areas of interest.

Press the green START button to begin your download.

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