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Slow performance of Raymarine C Classic (C70, C80, C120) after chart update

If you are using a Raymarine C-Classic plotter and, after updating your card, you may find the redraw or load time of the maps on the screen is taking longer than it used to. This is due to some files placed on the card during the update, which the plotter has a difficult time processing. These files can be removed after an update in order for the plotter to function normally.

Note that removal of these files will cause no difference in the chart display as they cannot be shown on the C-Classic models in any case. 

To remove the data that is causing slow performance of the unit:
  1. Connect the Navionics media card to your computer by using a (internal) card reader,
  2. Access the media card and navigate to the folder \Navionic\Charts
  3. Order file listing by file type (Windows only),
  4. Delete all files of the “BP2” type.
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