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Plotter Sync with Raymarine: Updating Charts on your Plotter Card

1.  Navionics Boating App - Download Chart Updates

♦  Before connecting to your plotter's WiFi, download or update chart details for desired
    area within your Boating app. Keep in mind, for chart updates to complete the
    downloaded app data must fall within the plotter card coverage area. Overlapping
    coverage is allowed.
♦  Download updated chart details by going to MENU > Download Map >
    Select area / Download
. The bright area should indicate successful download of
    coverage. Note: A download of the same area must be performed to get chart updates.
♦  You can also update all of your downloaded maps by going to MENU > Update Maps.
    An estimate of the memory space needed for the download of updates will appear and
    you can tap the blue "Update" button to complete the download.

2.  Connect to your plotter's internal WiFi through your mobile device and then go back into the app. The sync will begin automatically.

3.  Transfer Chart Updates

♦  The app will update 100% of downloaded coverage that corresponds within the Navionics
    card coverage area. Depending on the amount of data to be transferred (meaning the size
    of the chart coverage demand), this may be the most time-consuming part of Plotter Sync.
♦  Upon successful completion the Chart Data transferred will show brightly on the chart
    plotter display and should match what is shown on the mobile app.
    Nautical Chart, SonarChart™, & Community Edits are transferred.
♦  It is highly recommended to perform a map download (step 1) in the app before starting
    Plotter Sync to ensure the latest chart updates are captured.

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