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Plotter Sync with Navico: Troubleshooting & Other Information


Mobile App Subscription

•  In order to use the Plotter Sync function from within your Boating app, you must have an active
   one-year subscription for at least one Region within the app.
•  The Chart Updates feature of Plotter Sync requires that the Region of coverage within your
   app overlaps with the coverage of your Navionics GPS plotter card. Only areas of over-
   lapping coverage will be updated.
If the subscription within your mobile app is not current, you can renew your subscription
   or purchase a new coverage area by going to or in-
   app by going to Menu > Charts & Upgrades.

GPS Plotter Card Subscription

•  In order to use the Plotter Sync function to receive updated charts within your GPS plotter
   card, you must have an active one-year subscription for that card. 
•  Plotter cards can be activated or renewed directly through the mobile app if new or 
•  Plotter cards can also be activated or renewed online through our Chart Installer 
   program available from

Plotter GPS Fix

•  The plotter must have acquired a recent GPS fix to establish date/time. If not, the card
   subscription will not be recognized properly, which will prevent the use of Plotter Sync
   for Chart Updates.
•  If the card subscription status is not being recognized, you will know this as you will not
   be able to access the options for Navionics Advanced Features.
•  Should this be the case, while the plotter is powered on, gently press the card into
   the slot to release the connection (as if you were going to remove it) and then gently
   press it back in.
•  Check again to see if you can access Advanced Features. 

If your Markers/Routes transfer is failing, it may be a problem with entered name of
the Route or Marker/Waypoint. Check that none of your saved Marker or Route
names have the pound (#) symbol. This may cause transfer of Routes and Markers
to fail.

Synced Markers/Routes are not displaying on plotter

If you are unable to view synced Markers & Routes within your plotter, this means you 
probably have not imported them from the Navionics card into the plotter memory.
Plotter Sync interacts with the Navionics Card only.
See the information regarding transferring routes and markers from mobile to plotter at
Plotter Sync with Navico: Transferring & Updating

Plotter Markers/Routes are not displaying in mobile app

If you are unable to view the Markers & Routes from your plotter within your mobile app,
it may be because you performed Plotter Sync before first exporting this information to
your Navionics card. In order to sync information from your chart plotter to your mobile
app, you must export the information to the card prior to the sync.
Plotter Sync interacts with the Navionics Card only.
See the information regarding transferring routes and markers from plotter to mobile at
Plotter Sync with Navico: Transferring & Updating

Access Point Mode

Be sure that your device is in Access Point mode.
User-added image

Depending on your plotter, your Wireless Settings may look similar to one of the screens above.
•  Your plotter's "Built-In" or "Internal" wireless needs to be turned on to throw out
   a WiFi signal.
•  Your plotter must be in Access Point mode. This means you should see "Connect to a
   wireless hotspot".
   If your plotter says "Change back to an access point", select this option and then confirm
   by tapping Yes.
•  If your plotter has the option to "Connect your phone/tablet", choose that option to make
   the plotter WiFi visible on your device.

Paired Devices Menu

This will be the menu area to manage devices & initiate Plotter Sync multiple times should you want to Sync throughout the day while the app is running and connected to the MFD.
•  Paired Device Settings control the contents passed between mobile and
   plotter.  Deciding what to transfer can be desirable as Chart Updates may not
   be required with each Sync.
•  Turn off the feature altogether or turn off individual options within the feature
   from the menu.

User-added image

Chart Coverage Dominance

In this example, the updated area (bright) does not match. This is because the app coverage is all of Gulf of Mexico while the card 907P+ coverage on the plotter does not cover the Florida Keys or eastern Florida.  Red chart boundaries on MFD indicate the 907P+ chart coverage.  As a result, updates transfer occurred within the chart coverage ONLY.
User-added image

Not Enough Space on Your Card

If you are finding that there isn't enough room on your Navionics card, there may be a few things to check for. Firstly--any files that should not be on the card should be removed. (for example, a plotter update file.) You can check this by opening the files on the card on your PC. Secondly, you will want to check the Chart Installer to see how much data you have on the card. 

If you have checked both of these things and still are having difficulty managing your data, it might be that you need to reach out to us directly to determine your card's capacity and which options are available for you.

Please also see this article for card storage troubleshooting: Chart Installer Error: Card is Full/Not Enough Space on Card


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