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Plotter Sync with Navico: Settings, Connections & Activation

Managing Plotter WiFi

Within your settings, you are able to enable your WiFi connection, set the WiFi name and change your WiFi security settings.
•  Make sure that your Internal Wireless setting is turned on under Settings > Wireless
   (settings may be different depending on your plotter model).
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•  Menu A - Make sure your plotter has Internal Wireless turned ON.
•  Menu B - Make sure your plotter has Built-in hotspot turned ON.

Navionics Boating App

•  Navionics Boating for Android v8.7 or higher
•  Navionics Boating for iOS v10.9 or higher
•  Active one-year subscription for chart updates/features
Users may need to renew subscription. Renewal can be done through the app by going to Menu > Charts & Upgrades or through the website at

Connecting Mobile to Plotter WiFi

User can enable WiFi within the mobile device settings.
With plotter WiFi ON, user can select from the WiFi networks on their mobile device.

New Card Activation

Example using the Boating app (USA coverage) and a MSD/912P+ Platinum+ US West Coast card for an overlapping coverage region.
On mobile you should see downloaded coverage. On your plotter you should have the new card inserted.
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Once app is open, the plotter will be recognized immediately and Sync will start. Please follow on screen instructions!
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•  Connect to the internet - This means the app has read the card and is ready to
   check eligibility against Navionics servers
•  Exit app to mobile settings - Reconnect to the cell network or home WiFi and return
   to app
•  Connect to chart plotter - The app has successfully initialized the card with Navionics
   servers and ready to drive Plotter Sync
•  Exit app to mobile settings - Reconnect to plotter WiFi and return to the app


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