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Plotter Sync for Raymarine Lighthouse 3 MFD's

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Managing WiFi on Axiom

Go to HOME > SETTINGS > This Display > CONFIGURE

  • Enable WiFi
  • Set WiFi Name
  • Set WiFi Password
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Navionics Boating App

  • Navionics Boating for Android v8.7 or higher
  • Navionics Boating for iOS v10.9 or higher
  • Active Navionics+ Subscription
Users may need to renew Subscription. Renewal example below.

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Navionics Boating - Download Chart Updates

Before connecting to Axiom WiFi, download chart details for desired area. Keep in mind, for chart updates to complete the downloaded app data must fall within the plotter card coverage
area. Overlapping coverage is allowed.
MENU > Download Map > Select area / Download
Bright area should indicate successful download of coverage

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Note: A download of the same area must be performed to get chart updates.

Connecting Mobile to Axiom WiFi

User can enable WiFi within the mobile device settings.
With Axiom WiFi ON, user can select the Axiom WiFi.

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New Card Activation

Example using the Boating USA app and a MSD/907P+ Platinum+ Gulf of Mexico card for an overlapping coverage region.
On mobile you should see downloaded coverage. On Axiom you should have the new card inserted.

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Once app is open, Axiom will be recognized immediately and Sync will start. Please follow on screen instructions!

  • Connect to the internet - This means the app has read the card and is ready to check eligibility against Navionics servers
  • Exit app to mobile settings - Reconnect to the cell network or home WiFi and return to app
  • Connect to chart plotter - The app has successfully initialized the card with Navionics servers and ready to drive Plotter Sync
  • Exit app to mobile settings - Reconnect to Axiom WiFi and return to the app
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Plotter Sync Actions

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Sonar Log Transfer

Sonar Log Transfer is the first step of Plotter Sync.  If no logs are found, this step will be skipped.
You do not need an active subscription on card or mobile to transfer logs. This is the exception to the Subscription rule.
Navionics encourages that Sonar Logging be enabled. Doing so helps improve the SonarChart layer for the benefit of all boaters. More Info:


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Transfer Routes & Markers

Plotter Sync interacts with the Navionics Card only.  This means that you must:

- Export User Data on Axiom to the Navionics card as GPX file before Plotter Sync starts to transfer from Axiom to mobile app Archive
- Import User Data to Axiom via GPX file from Navionics card after Plotter Sync completes to transfer from mobile app Archive to Axiom.

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  • Routes & Markers from the app will be saved as a GPX file and placed on the Navionics card for retrieval.
  • You may need to unhide routes after transfer to view them.
  • Axiom waypoint symbols are not maintained in app
  • Routes in app have a 200 waypoint limit
  • App has a Marker limit of 1,000

Transfer Chart Updates

The app will update 100% of downloaded coverage that corresponds within the Navionics card coverage area. Depending on the amount of data to be transferred (meaning the size of the chart coverage demand), this may be the most time-consuming part of Plotter Sync.
Upon successful completion the Chart Data transferred will show brightly on the Axiom display and should match what is shown on the mobile app.
Nautical Chart, SonarChart, & Community Edits are transferred.
It is highly recommended to perform a map download in the app before starting Plotter Sync to ensure the latest chart updates are captured.

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Useful Information
  • Device Connected Menu
  • Chart coverage dominance vs mobile app coverage
  • Routes & Markers – Navionics app to Axiom
  • Routes & Markers – Axiom to Navionics app
  • Troubleshooting

Additional information can be found in the Navionics Help section at

Device Connected Menu

Going forward this will be the menu area to manage devices & initiate Plotter Sync multiple times should you want to Sync throughout the day while the app is running and connected to the MFD.
Connected Device Settings control the contents passed between mobile and plotter.  Deciding what to transfer can be desirable as Chart Updates may not be required with each Sync.

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Chart Coverage Dominance

In this example, the updated area (bright) does not match. This is because the app coverage is all of Caribbean and South America while the card 908P+ coverage on the MFD does not cover South America.  Red chart boundaries on MFD indicate the 908P+ chart coverage.  As a result, updates transfer occurred within the chart coverage ONLY.

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Routes & Markers - Navionics to Axiom

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To install synced Routes & Markers from your mobile app to your Axiom unit go to HOME > MY DATA > IMPORT > SD CARD 1 > NAVIONIC > ARCHIVE > [choose file]
User can decide to import single items (individual markers or routes) or all data. All Markers/Waypoints will be shown as X.
Data will not be visible on the Axiom until the GPX file import is complete.

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Routes & Markers - Axiom to Navionics

HOME > MY DATA > EXPORT > SAVE MY DATA > SD CARD 1 > SAVE AS > User can decide GPX file name.

Raymarine waypoint symbols are converted to pushpin markers on mobile app.

Routes and Markers will not be visible on the Navionics mobile until:

  1. GPX file export is complete to the Navionics card
  2. Plotter Sync has completed

Markers will be immediately visible while Routes can be found in the app Archive.

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Once you have exported the routes and waypoints from your Raymarine unit, prompt the mobile app to sync the data. This can by done by going to Devices > Start Sync.
Markers will be immediately visible while Routes can be found in the app Archive.

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