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Plotter Setup Options for Raymarine E Classic, Wide & A Series

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Raymarine C & E Wide, E Classic, A50 & A70 - 

Plotter Software

Navionics recommends running the latest internal software for your plotter available from your manufacturer. You can find current plotter software versions, the update files and instructions to complete the update for your manufacturer by going to: Current chart plotter/sounder software update versions. For further assistance, please contact your plotter manufacturer directly.
Some units may need to have the unit turned off and on with the Platinum products in the unit.

In order to check the software version you are running in your plotter, press the MENU button once, scroll to SYSTEM DIAGNOSTICS, scroll to SOFTWARE SERVICES, scroll to UNIT INFO and the software version will be displayed. – it is the APP VERSION #.

DO NOT USE YOUR CHART CARD TO UPDATE YOUR PLOTTER SOFTWARE! If your plotter has two (2) card slots, make sure your Navionics card is not in the second card slot when performing the update. Either of these things will corrupt the Navionics chart files and render the card useless.

Selecting Navionics Chart Information

To display the Navionics official charting information (Nautical Chart), press the PRESENTATION soft key. Press the CHART LAYERS soft key, and press the soft key to select NAV.

If your plotter card includes SonarChart™ high-definition bottom contour detail, turn on this layer by selecting FISH from your CHART LAYERS options.
Recommended General Plotter Setup
Press the MENU button once, scroll to CARTO SETUP to change settings under each category. For general best display of Navionics charts in your plotter, we recommend the following Settings:

COLORED SEABED AREAS - Used to display different bottom structure in different colors (not available in all areas)
Recommended: User preference (Choice of ON/OFF)

ANNOTATION - Determines what area information, such as names of locations and notes of areas, is available to display.
Recommended: FULL

PRESENTATION TYPE - Provides marine charting information such as symbols, colorization and wording as either U.S. or International type depending on the look and feel you prefer
Recommended: User preference (Choice of US or International)

CHART DETAILS - Provides you with different levels of geographical layer information
Recommended: ALL

SAFETY DEPTH - allows the shaded display of depth areas using different shades of blue to distinguish between shallow and deep water.
Recommended: Based on your boat's parameters - depth areas are displayed in darker blue (shallow depths) to lighter blue (less shallow depths). Those areas with depths over the selected value, and therefore navigable under safety conditions, will be displayed in white. DRYLINE areas will be displayed in green.

CONTOUR DEPTHS - Determines which contours you see on the chart down to the selected safety depth
Recommended: ALL

- Hides rock identification on the chart beneath a given depth
Recommended: OFF

To remove the CF Card press the MENU button once, then scroll to REMOVE CF CARDPlease note that if this step is not done to remove the CF card, unless the unit is turned off, this will cause damage to the CF card.

Navionics Platinum Feature Setup

These features are only available with the use of a Navionics Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card. 
DYNAMIC ICONS - Shows the tides and currents. To display them, move to T icons for tides or C for currents, then press on the Plotter button "OK" and then on "ANIMATE" softkey.

3D Charts
Press PAGE button and appropriate softkey for CHART/3D VIEW  (If customer does not have appropriate softkey setup at the bottom of the screen, press MENU, scroll to SELECT PAGE SET and select the right arrow button to select the CHART function). Select PRESENTATIONCHART MODE & ORIENTATIONCHART SYNC, select 3D. Press ACTIVE to highlight 3D window, press MENU3D CHART SETUP, select desired viewing preferences.
With 3D window active, adjust viewing preference w/rotary knob and softkeys at bottom of display. To adjust 3D exaggeration in 3D window,select PRESENTATION3D VIEW OPTIONSADJUST EXAGGERATION and turn rotary knob
The 3D option provides a three dimensional graphical view of land and sea contours. 
Photo Overlay
Turn rotary knob to adjust photo layer opacity
Panoramic Photos
Panoramic photos are available in many locations on the map and will be marked with a small camera icon.
Position the cursor on the camera icon - which is displayed with zoom levels lower than 3NM - then press “OK” on the plotter button, select "Panoramic Photo" and then to view photos press on the "VIEW PHOTO" Plotter softkey.

Another way to view the panoramic photos is to position yourself on the marine representative icon, which appears with zoom levels lower than 3NM, then press on the plotter button "OK", select in the left panel "Photos" then select in the right panel the photo number and finally to view photos click on the "VIEW PHOTO" softkey button.


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