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Plotter Setup Options for Raymarine Axiom and Axiom Pro

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Plotter Software

Navionics recommends running the latest internal software for your plotter available from your manufacturer. You can find current plotter software versions, the update files and instructions to complete the update for your manufacturer by going to: Current chart plotter/sounder software update versions. For further assistance, please contact your plotter manufacturer directly.

In order to check the software version you are running in your plotter select SETTINGS then select the GETTING STARTED tab from your Main Menu.

DO NOT USE YOUR CHART CARD TO UPDATE YOUR PLOTTER SOFTWARE! If your plotter has two (2) card slots, make sure your Navionics card is not in the second card slot when performing the update. Either of these things will corrupt the Navionics chart files and render the card useless.

Selecting Navionics Chart Information

Both the Navionics official charting information (Nautical Chart) and SonarChart™ high-definition bottom contour detail are selected when present. First check you are in the full chart view on your screen, then select the SETTINGS WHEEL from the Chart Menu and then the CARTOGRAPHY tab, then -

Select DETAILED (default) for Nautical Chart, or
Select FISHING CHART for SonarChart

Recommended General Plotter Setup

For general best display of Navionics charts in your plotter, we recommend the following under Settings:

CHART DETAILS - (under Layers tab) Provides you with different levels of geographical layer information
Recommended: HIGH

DEEP WATER FROM  - (under Depth tab) Specify where deep water begins 
Recommended: Based on your boat's parameters

DEEP WATER COLOR - (under Depth tab) Specify deep water color
Selections: Blue/White

SHOW SOUNDINGS - (under Depth tab) Enables and disables display of depth soundings
Recommended: ALL 

SHOW CONTOURS - (under Depth tab) Enables and disables display of depth contours
Recommended: ALL

Select the SETTINGS WHEEL from the Chart Menu to also access the following options:

COMMUNITY EDITS - (ON/OFF under Layers tab) Navionics user community edits if they have been downloaded to your plotter card

SHADING - (ON/OFF under Advanced tab) Shading adds terrain information to the chart

TIDES - (ON/OFF under Layers tab) Shows tides and currents with a gauge and an arrow instead of the standard T or C diamond icons

EASY VIEW - (ON/OFF under Layers tab) Magnifying feature that increases the size of chart items and text

Navionics Advanced Features

These features require an active chart updates subscription for your Navionics plotter card. 
From your Chart Menu tap the SETTINGS WHEEL and then the DEPTH tab to access Navionics Advanced Features.

DENSITY - Controls the density of the contour lines displayed with SonarChart or SonarChart Live

FISHING RANGE - Select a range of depths between which to display a different color, highlighting a specific range of depths for fishing purposes

SHALLOW AREA - Allows you to highlight an area of shallow water up to 10 meters/30 feet

     SonarChart Live

SONAR LOGGING must be active for SonarChart Live to work.
Choose SONARCHART LIVE to display it as an overlay on the chart
When selecting the SonarChart Live (ON/OFF), the menu expands to display additional options
VISIBILITY- SonarChart Live is drawn on top of the chart data - adjust transparency to allow chart details to be seen
TIDE CORRECTION - Allows depth values to be influenced by local tide adjustment for marine areas (recommended)

     Dock-to-dock Autorouting

We suggest you reference your Operator's Manual for additional information on creating Automatic Routes.

     Plotter Sync

Plotter Sync allows plotter owners to transfer routes and markers, update charts and more! Active subscriptions are required on both the plotter card and the app for most features. 
Find more information at Plotter Sync for Raymarine Lighthouse 3 MFD's.

Navionics Platinum Feature Setup

These features are only available with the use of a Navionics Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card. 
Please note that of the Platinum features, Satellite Overlay, Panoramic Photos and Pilot Books are compatible; however, 3D view support is anticipated for a future release.

Photo Overlay

Select AERIAL (ON/OFF) from SETTINGS > LAYERS from your Chart Menu
Photo overlay enables you to view satellite photo images of an area and availability is limited to certain regions.
Photo overlay offers the options of Land Only (recommended) or Full (Land & Water).
AERIAL OVERLAY OPACITY can be adjusted under the Advanced tab of Settings.

Panoramic Photos

Panoramic port photos are available in many locations on the map and will be designated by a small camera icon. Tap and hold the camera icon on your screen to select it and scroll Chart Options to Photo.

Pilot Books
Pilot Books are available within the chart details and can be accessed through the Port Service icons. Tap and hold the port service icon on your screen and scroll Chart Options to Chart Info and then select the Pilot Book Chapter.

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