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Plotter Setup Options for Humminbird units

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Plotter Software

Navionics recommends running the latest internal software for your plotter available from your manufacturer. You can find current plotter software versions and the update files with instructions, available for your manufacturer by going to: Current chart plotter/sounder software update versions or by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Check software version by powering on the unit and while the unit is displaying the model number, quickly press the MENU button.The display will change to show three or four menu options; NORMAL, SIMULATOR, SYSTEM STATUS & sometimes PCCONNECT – depending upon the unit. Scroll to SYSTEM STATUS and press enter and the SOFTWARE VERSION will display.

DO NOT USE YOUR CHART CARD TO UPDATE YOUR PLOTTER SOFTWARE! If your plotter has two (2) card slots, make sure your Navionics card is not in the second card slot when performing the update. Either of these will corrupt the Navionics chart files and render the card useless.

Selecting Navionics Chart Information

To display the Navionics official charting information (Nautical Chart), first check you are in the full chart view on your screen. Press your MENU button twice and go to the CHART tab and select CHART SELECT then scroll to [LEFT/RIGHT] CHART CARD.

If your plotter card includes SonarChart™ high-definition bottom contour detail, use your panel options to turn on this layer.
Press your MENU button twice and go to the CHART tab and select CHART SELECT then scroll to [LEFT/RIGHT] FISH N'CHIP.

Recommended Plotter Setup

If you are not physically on the water you must have the unit set in SIMULATOR mode by powering on the unit and while the unit is displaying the model number, quickly press the MENU button. Select SIMULATOR from the options. You will also need to set the simulation position to view the details for a specific area. Scroll to the area you wish to view details for and press MENU button twice. Scroll to CHARTS tab and then down to SET SIMULATION POSITION.

Press the Menu button twice. Choose the NAV or CHARTS TAB (depending on unit). For best display of Navionics charts in your plotter, we recommend the following Settings:

CHART DETAIL LEVEL - Recommended Setting: ALL - Provides you with different levels and layers of chart information.

MAP BORDERS - Recommended Setting: MMC/SD Only - Displays the chart boundary boxes around and within the loaded chart coverage.

SPOT SOUNDINGS - Recommended Setting: Visible - Displays the depth numbers [soundings] throughout the mapping.

Other Chart & View Options

NATURE OF SEABED [Colored Seabed Areas] - Used to display different bottom structure in different colors (not available in all areas)
This option must be selected in your Chart Detail Level options. 
Press MENU twice and go to the Chart Tab, select CHART DETAIL LEVEL, then choose CUSTOM.
Go down to CUSTOM CHART LAYER and locate the NATURE OF SEABED option and turn it ON.

- Allows the shaded display of depth areas using different shades of blue to distinguish between shallow and deep water.
Recommended: Based on your boat's parameters - depth areas are displayed in darker blue (shallow depths) to lighter blue (less shallow depths). Those areas with depths over the selected value, and therefore navigable under safety conditions, will be displayed in white. DRYLINE areas will be displayed in green.

Display Navionics Platinum Features

These features are only available with the use of a Navionics Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card. 

3D Charts

Press VIEW softkey repeatedly until desired split screen option appears. Then press MENU once to display active side menu. Use arrow softkeys to select active side (right or left) and adjust split position. Press EXIT to return to chart view

Photo Overlay

Press the MENU key twice to display the main menu. Select the Navionics logo -Platinum- on the top right tab. CHART AERIAL OVERLAY needs to be set to LAND+WATER or LAND. Press EXIT button to get out of the menus. Press MENU once again and you will see the OVERLAY TRANSPARANCY - which defaults to 100% - reduce the transparency and exit out of the menus. NOTE: There may be a brief delay on all 3D chart viewing. Press MENU key once to display menu. Select USE ARROW softkeys to select OVERLAY TRANSPARENCY and to adjust transparency overlay level.

Panoramic Photos 

Put cursor over the camera icon – appears at zoom levels less than .25SM. Press the INFO softkey to display photo. Press INFO softkey again to exit. Put cursor over the port symbol – appears at zoom levels less than .25SM. Press the INFO softkey to display the PORT INFO menu. Use ARROW softkeys to select PANORAMIC PHOTO to display photo. Press INFO softkey again to exit.

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