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Displaying and Planning Using Navionics Charts on your Computer

There are a couple of options to view Navionics chart information on your computer.

Navionics Chart Viewer

The Navionics Chart Viewer is a free, web-based application available at Users can view all of our current charting information as it is updated daily, including Nautical Chart & SonarChart™ detail. Basic routing features and Dock-to-dock Autorouting are available and can be synced to your Navionics Boating app by signing into the website and your app under the same account. For more details regarding the features and functionalities of this page see Chart Viewer - Features and Functions. The Chart Viewer does not require a Navionics card.

PC Planning and Navigation Applications

There are several PC applications allowing options for planning and navigating from a computer using a Navionics plotter card. Compatible programs can be found at the end of our compatibility guide. Please contact the specific product manufacturer for more information regarding the program features and functionality.

NOTE:  Navionics chart files are proprietary and cannot be copied or viewed with any other programs other than the certified PC Applications listed on our compatibility guide. Attempting to copy or open the chart files on your card will corrupt them.


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