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Platinum: Freshest Data Subscription Renewal Process

*Platinum product updates include any changes to the 2D mapping (Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ and Community Edits), as well as Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading. They do not include updates to the 3D or Panoramic Photo features. For additional update options see Can my plotter card be updated?

To update a your current Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card, go through the following steps:

  1.  Plug in your Navionics cartridge, which will launch the Chart Installer.
​​a. For instructions to install the Chart Installer program go to Downloading and Installing the Chart Installer Program
b. Note: Current version of the Navionics Chart Installer are not compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OSX versions less than 10.9.
  2.   Sign into your existing Navionics account or new users select "Create Account" 

  3.   Select the "Renew" button

  4.   Fill in your Contact & Billing details
        Freshest Data Subscriptions are offered at a price 50% less than suggested retail price

  5.   Freshest Data is now ACTIVE on your card!

  6.  Choose the compatible layers you want to download and select Start to begin your updates!