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Personalizing your Navionics Mobile App Profile

Your profile within the Boating app can be accessed by going to Menu > Me/[Name].

This is your profile section including your name, picture and shortcuts to services, settings and information related to you.

Directly from your profile section, you can set your own profile picture. To do this, tap Edit on the profile picture to take a photo or choose one from your saved photos.

From this screen, you can also access:

►  Your Inbox, where you can find messages from us
►  Boat Configuration
►  Activities, where you can add your on-the-water interests
►  Shared Items, where you can see a list of tracks, routes or markers shared
      with your Connections
►  The Email address affiliated with your account
►  Time remaining on your subscription and regions purchased
►  Privacy Settings, where you can adjust your Communication Preferences and
      manage your data (such as what is shown on your public profile and data
      sharing options.)


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