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What is the Navionics+ Updates card?

The Navionics+ Updates card is a new, physical card available for purchase through our online store or a Navionics registered dealer. The Navionics+ Updates card is used to upgrade from an existing Navionics card that is too old to update online through our Chart Installer program, or to change media card format or coverage area.

The Navionics+ Updates card does not update the card you already have - rather, it requires your existing card for activation. Once activated, the Navionics+ Updates card is your new card that you will use to access larger regions and additional data you may not have had previously on your existing card. For more information on activating your Navionics+ Updates card, please go to: Activating your Navionics Updates CardNot available for North & South America. Only available for purchase within Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Pacific nations.

Navionics+ Updates can can be activated by any of the products listed here.

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