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Moving SonarChart™ Live logs from one card to another

Easily move SonarChart™ Live logs from your old Navionics card to a new Navionics card and continue to access them. 
<>Activate your new Navionics card
<>Move the folder containing SonarChart™ Live logs from your old card to your desktop
<>Move the folder containing SonarChart™ Live logs from your desktop to your new Navionics card 

Here is how: 
1. Plug your older Navionics card into your computer and go to the NAVIONICS drive either by going into your Windows Explorer/File Manager (Windows) or into Finder (Mac).
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2. Find the folder UserData located in the Navionic folder on your card.
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3. Drag the folder UserData to the desktop of your computer.
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4. Remove your old card from your computer.

FOR WINDOWS USERS - Click to show hidden icons - Click to Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media - Select Eject NAVIONICS
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FOR MAC USERS - Click to select the NAVIONICS drive - Select File > Eject NAVIONICS - Or select NAVIONICS and hit ⌘E
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5. Plug your new card into your computer.

6. Again, go to the NAVIONICS drive. 
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7. Go into the Navionic folder.
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8. Drag the UserData folder from your computer's desktop into the Navionic folder to copy it to the new card.
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Once the files are transferred, previously created SonarChart Live files can be displayed on your plotter screen.

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