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Mobile: Tides & Currents

Mobile: Tides & Currents

Use the cross hair to target tide or current icons on the map and tap on "?" or use the Search tool (the magnifying glass icon) in the top left corner of the screen.

The tide icon may be:

- Blue with an upwards arrow indicating a rising tide.

- Red with a downwards arrow indicating a falling tide.

The current icon indicates the current direction.

At a lower zoom level, the icon will also show values. Tap on Tides & Currents icons to display the forecasts in split-screen. The selected tide or current station prediction is displayed based on the time and date set on your device. A table of tide or current information is available by tapping on the "Details" button. See information on tides and currents in the lower part of the screen and swipe the bar to see changes. Tide and current can be added to Favorites by pressing the star symbol.

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