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Sharing Mobile Tracks, Routes & Markers

You can share Tracks, Routes and Markers as follows:

- Select one or more item.
- Tap the Share button. User-added image

- Share by:

Link - A link containing your item(s) will be shared and open in the Navionics Chart Viewer.
Export GPX - A GPX file will be sent for download or import.
Specific Connections - Your item(s) will be shared with only the Connections you select.
All Connections - Your item(s) will be shared with all of your current Connections.

If you choose to export a GPX file, you can share via email, message etc. or open it on apps supporting GPX files.

If you choose the link you can share it via mail, messages, or on social media.

To import a GPX file:

- Tap on the GPX file

- Then choose the Boating app to open it

To download an item shared from one of your Connections:
- Tap the download icon next to the item's name.
- Downloaded items will represent with a check mark.

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