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Mobile: Pictures and Videos

You can take a geotagged photo or video at anytime while you are using the app.* You may be asked for permissions to use your camera the first time you use this feature.

1.  Tap the Camera icon in the upper-left of the screen.
2.  Apple
     To take a photo:  Tap the shutter button
     To take a video:  Hold the shutter button
     To take a photo:  Tap the shutter button
     Videos are not enabled

Photos will be shown on the map as a camera icon and videos will be listed with a camcorder icon. You can select a photo or video by taping on the map and targeting it with your cross hairs and tapping the "?". Share or delete them when they are displayed on your screen.

These items are saved to your cameral roll/gallery if permissions are granted and, in that case, items deleted from your map will not be removed from your camera roll/gallery.

*Your device must have the ability to take photos or videos in order to use this feature.

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