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Mobile: HELP - INDEX

                                HELP - INDEX

- Navionics Free / Mobile Subscription Features 
- Free Trial
In-app purchases of charts and features
Register an Account
- Restore Purchases
- Downloading& Updating Maps
- Selecting Chart Layers & Map Overlays
- Zoom in/out 
- Search
                    - By Name/Category
                    - By Lat/Long

-  Weather & Tides
                    - Accessing Weather Data
                    - Weather Page Features
                    - Tides & Currents

- Distance Tool
- Check Chart Info
- How to Create a Marker / Change Marker Icon
- Routes
                    - Creating a Basic Manual Route
                    - Creating a Route using Dock-to-dock Autorouting (with active one-year subscription)
                    Editing a Route from your Saved Items
                    Viewing Details of an Active Route
- How to Start a Track
- Where are Markers, Tracks & Routes stored?
Sharing Mobile Tracks, Routes & Markers
- Photos and Videos
Connections Feature
- Your Profile 
- Boat Details
- Customize your Map 
                    - Activate GPS position
                    - Course Up & Chart Rotation
                    - Saving Current Position
                    - Advanced Map Options

- Create a Community Edit
ActiveCaptain® Community Layer
- Connect a Device 
                    - Plotter Sync with Raymarine
                         - Settings, Connections & Activation
                         - Uploading Sonar Logs
                         - Transferring Routes & Markers
                         - Updating Charts on your Plotter Card
                         - Troubleshooting & Other Information
                    - Plotter Sync with Navico
                         - Settings, Connections & Activation
                         - Transferring Routes & Markers
                         - Updating Charts on your Plotter Card
                         - Troubleshooting & Other Information

Connect an AIS Device
What is SonarChart™ Live?
                    - General Settings for SonarChart™ Live
                    - SonarChart™ Live with Tide/Inland Water Level Correction
Change Units of Measure
Keep your Screen On
Mobile: Privacy Settings

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