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Mobile: Free Boating App Options

Download the Boating app for your Apple or Android device and receive access to your two-week free trial of full charts and features.
Once installed create an account (or log into an existing Navionics or Garmin account) and tap the "Start Trial" button to begin your free trial. Your free trial will include full charts and features of the app, except for the option for Plotter Sync.

After your trial period has expired, you continue to have access to the following FREE features:
- SONARCHART™ LIVE: Create your own 1’ (0.5 m) HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. Connect the Boating app wirelessly to a compatible sonar/plotter. You can also automatically share your sonar logs, which helps us improve charts.  ​ 
- Track, route, distance, markers, wind forecasts, map options, share location and more. ​
- Community Edits and access to the Garmin ActiveCaptain® Community

After your subscription for a purchased coverage area has expired, you continue to have access to the following FREE features:
- The features listed above.
- Access to downloaded map data (Nautical Chart & SonarChart), without the benefit of chart updates, Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading, Relief Shading or Sonar Imagery, and route navigation.

Purchase coverage or renew your subscription at any time for chart updates and Advanced Features. Click here for a list of available features.

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