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Mobile: Downloading a Map

Charts can be downloaded within the Boating app during the initial free trial or after a Region of coverage has been purchased.

In order to download charts, you will need an internet (WiFi or Cellular) connection. To download a portion of mapping on your device, do the following:

1.  Tap Menu.
2.  Tap Download Map.
3.  A selection box will appear on the screen to select an area of mapping you
     would like to download. Use the pins on the corners of the selection box to
     adjust your area.

4.  Choose the map layers you want to download. Nautical Chart and
     SonarChart™ are automatically selected.

5.  Tap the + symbol to select and download Navionics
     Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading, Relief Shading, or
     Sonar Imagery (select US lakes only)* (optional). (Tap the X in the upper
     right to exit this option.)

6.  Tap the Download button to begin the download of charts.
Charts are also downloaded when panning and zooming on an area of interest when zoomed into the map at less than 1NM and an internet connection is available. The downloaded map is as large as the current screen.

Downloaded maps will appear highlighted and are permanently stored on your device. To view highlighted areas of downloaded maps, your Map Overlay (Menu > Map Options) should be off (No Overlay).

During an active one-year subscription you can update your maps by going through the steps above and downloading the mapping area again. To update all previously downloaded maps, go to Menu > Update Maps. You will receive an estimate of the additional space the updates will require, and you can tap the blue “Update” button to proceed or tap the “Later” link to cancel.

*The Navionics Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading, Relief Shading, and Sonar Imagery layers are only available during an active one-year subscription. These chart layers will not be accessible until the subscription is renewed.

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