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Mobile: Map Options

To Access Map Options: Tap Menu > Map Options.

You can:

- Select your Chart Layer. Choose from Nautical Chart, SonarChart or US Govt. Chart.

- Select your Overlay from either No Overlay, Satellite (Bing), Terrain, SonarChart Shading, Relief Shading, or Sonar Imagery (select U.S. lakes only).

- Select the chart orientation.

- Download detailed maps.

- Update all the maps you have downloaded.

- Activate the "Easy View" feature. This feature allows you to magnify useful icons and text on the map to provide better reading.

- Access AIS Settings.

- See the "Display SonarChart™ Live" and "SonarChart™ Live Settings" toggle if you are connected to a compatible device via Wi-Fi or if you have previously created a SonarChart™ Live layer.

- Turn on/off SonarChart™ Live tide/inland water level correction with the "Water Level Correction toggle".

- Water Level:  Adjust shoreline and depths to the current water levels.

- Shallow Area:  Highlight shallow and potentially hazardous areas on the map in a red warning color (red marks)

- Depth Shading: Depth areas are displayed in different shades of blue
- Depth Contours:  Specify which bathymetric lines are shown on the map

- Fishing Ranges: customize and display on the map up to 5 depth ranges. You must have SonarChart turned on as your Chart Layer. Turn the toggle ON to enable the 1st range: then name it, choose a color, and set the depth values (either using the slider or tapping on the dedicated box). To remove a range tap on “Delete”. Tap “Add range” to create additional ranges. In case of ranges that overlap, the part in common will get the color of the last range created.

- Seabed Areas:  Reveals underlying seabed composition (for select US HD lakes, France, North of Corsica) 

- Toggle ON/OFF Community Edits: Allows the Mobile user to edit their mapping information to reflect changes in chart data (e.g., movement of a seasonal buoy), add information (e.g., a rock or boat ramp), or edit information (e.g., add/change services for a particular marina).

- Toggle ON/OFF ActiveCaptain Community.

If GOVT Chart is selected you are not able to see Map Options in Menu and Settings.

On the screen you can see a preview of your map display which changes according to the map options you have selected. Tap on the map to expand the preview. Tap on the “Close” tab in the top left corner to return to the Map Options screen.

Tap on "Reset default values" to bring all values back to default.

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