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Mobile: Creating a Route using Dock-to-dock Autorouting

1.  Select Route > Automatic
2.  Enter your Start point using one of these methods:

a.  Start from your GPS position by selecting the GPS arrow in the Start box
b.  Tap on the Start box to search by Category or by entering a search term
c.  Tap a point on the map to create your Start point

3.  Enter your End point using one of these methods:

a.  Tap on the End box to search by Category or by entering a search term
b.  Tap a point on the map to create your End point

Once both points are selected, the Route will be planned automatically.
You can add or move route points at any time while the route is active by pressing on the route line to create a new point and drag it to the position you want it. You can also delete points by tapping on one and selecting “Delete Waypoint”.

4.  Tap the "GO" button to save your Route and start navigation
     Tap "SAVE" to save the Route without starting navigation

5.  Tap Route > Stop to exit out of your current Route.


•  When creating your first automatic route, you will be asked to check your draft setting, which defaults
   to 10m (33 ft) if you have not changed it in your boat settings previously (Menu > Profile > Boat).
   Tap Keep to keep the current settings or Change to go into your profile and adjust your draft.
   User-added image
•  If your Route indicates "Route too long" or "Too many points", then you may need to adjust your End
   point a bit closer to your initial Start point. Apple has a route point limitation of 200 for manual or
   automatic routes.

Is your route displaying as a straight red line? Find more information at Dock-to-dock Autorouting returns a straight line in Boating app.


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