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Mobile: Creating a Marker

To create a marker, simply tap and move the chart screen until you see the crosshairs appear, then:
■  Drag the map to the area that you would like to add a marker
■  Tap on the blue "?" when you have the crosshairs over the exact location you would like to create the marker
■  Tap the "Marker" button, select icon and it will create a marker
■  Tap on the pencil next to the marker name to edit the name (if applicable)
■  Tap the “Save" option to save your marker
■  Use the "Your GPS location" option to enter your exact GPS location coordinates.
We do not suggest including the pound (#) symbol in any of your saved Markers. This may cause transfer of Routes and Markers to fail if you are using the Plotter Sync function.

You can also pinpoint a marker location by entering coordinates.
■  Tap the Search button on your map screen (magnifying glass)
■  Tap Lat/Long
■  Enter the lat/long using the scroll wheels
■  Tap "Show on Map" to go to those coordinates
■  Tap the info bubble appearing on the map screen to add your marker by going through the steps above.

You can also create a Marker on the Fly using the marker icon on your map screen to add a marker with one tap at your current GPS coordinates.
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