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Mobile: Creating a Basic Manual Route

1. Open the Navionics app on your Apple or Android device.

2. Tap "Route".

3. Tap "Manual”.

4. Tap the screen in the locations you wish to create a waypoint.
    Notes: To Save a Route, there must be at least TWO waypoints added to the Route.
    You can add or move route points at any time while the route is active by pressing on the
    route line to create a new point and drag it to the position you want it. You can also delete
    points by tapping on one and selecting “Delete Waypoint”.

5. To SAVE the Route, tap on "Save".

6.  To save your Route and begin navigation, tap on "GO".*

*Advanced Features including enhanced routing with our navigation module and Dock-to-dock Autorouting are available with a current one-year subscription for coverage.

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