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Mobile: Creating Tracks

To create a Track with the Navionics Mobile App for Apple and Android devices.

1.  Open the app on your device

2.  Tap "Start’"

3.  Go fishing/sailing/cruising/etc. with the Navionics app running
     Your tracking console is displayed at the top of your screen.
     Tap a console square to change the display or access information.

4.  To SAVE the Track, tap on "Stop" once again

5.  Tap "Save" Track

6.  To PAUSE the Track to resume at a later time, tap "Stop"
     Then tap "Pause"
     Tap "Resume" to begin tracking again

- If you'd like to display a previously saved Track, open the Navionics app and go to Menu > Tracks > Tap on the saved Track you wish to display/view. Note: To display Track on the map (without Track details) exit back out to the map screen, and yellow track line will display.


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