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Mobile: Selecting Chart Layers & Map Overlays

You can display different chart layers and overlays available on your Navionics mobile app.
1. Tap the Map Options button in the lower-left of the screen (see fig. a), or
    go to Menu > Map Options
2. Select a Chart Layer (see fig. b)
3. Select your Map Overlay (see fig. c)

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Nautical Chart:
Using the Chart-Overlay Selector button you can view Navionics' Nautical Chart layer, which is the all essential cartographic reference for boaters worldwide. If you’re looking for an accurate and thorough map of lakes and marine areas, Nautical Chart is the resource you’ll want by your side. Use the map to study port plans and safety depth contours, identify tides & currents, and locate navigation aids, nearby marine services and more!  The purchase of a coverage area is required from the Charts & Upgrades section of your Menu or through our website to view this detail.  After the one-year subscription expires, you will still have access to downloaded charts and can continue downloading new areas; however, you will not be able to update previously loaded detail.

SonarChart™ is an HD bathymetry map featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail for marine and lakes, great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and for locating fishing areas at any depth level.  SonarChart™ is available with the purchase of a coverage area from within the app, along with your Nautical Chart. After the one-year subscription expires, you will continue to have access to this detail just as your previously downloaded Nautical Chart will still be accessible without an active subscription.

US Govt. Chart:
The first option that appears (for USA waters only) is the Government layer. These include the NOAA Electronic Navigational Charts for U.S. coastal and navigable waterways plus additional shorelines of major lakes and rivers. Please note there may be some areas that due to the map resolution of the government charts, you may experience at certain zoom levels that mapping disappears. If this is the case, simply zoom in or out to see mapping again.
U.S. Government Charts will be included with the coverage areas of the following select subscriptions: USA; US & Canada; Caribbean & South America, Mexico,Caribbean to Brazil; Pacific Islands, Asia & Africa.

Map Overlays require an active subscription for that coverage area.

Navionics Satellite Overlay with SonarChart Shading:
A combined layer, this overlay features Navionics Satellite Overlay, offering a top-down view of inland and coastal areas, while bring a unique perspective of underwater topography at a glance.

Relief Shading:
A highly detailed shading to provide an easy-to-interpret, clearer view of bottom structure. Not available in all areas.

Shows roads and useful points of interest on land.

Satellite (Bing):
Includes satellite imagery provided by a third party.

Other map options are not available when US Govt. Chart is enabled.

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