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Mobile App Migration: The Process

Below are quick steps to complete the migration process from your original app to our new, consolidated/universal app title. This will be a two-step process.


What will be Transferred?

User-added image•  Tiles & Coverage - purchased app coverage (and subscription time remaining), including downloaded maps; see also Mobile App Migration: Restoring Purchases
•  Boat Settings
•  Map Options
•  Settings
•  Connected Devices - plotter/sounder devices connected for SonarChart™ Live creation or Plotter Sync
•  Archive - Tracks, Routes & Markers
•  Weather Favorites - up to 10 will transfer and the remaining will be discarded
•  SonarChart™ Live - most recent files will be transferred for overlapping areas; see Mobile App Migration: SonarChart Live
•  Photos & Videos

Starting the First Process

The option to migrate will be presented upon opening the original app. Selecting "Not now" will cancel this process. You'll be prompted to resume upon opening the app again.
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From this point, you will be asked to either install the new app, update the app or launch the app.
If you do not have the new app installed, you will be prompted to install.If the new app is installed, but not the current version, you will be prompted to update.
User-added imageUser-added image
If you already have the current version of the new app installed, you will be prompted to open. 
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Completing the Second Process

Now that you have launched the app (Fig. 1), your items and coverage will be unpacked/imported into the consolidated app.  If you were logged into a Navionics account on your original app, you will be automatically logged into the same account in the new app¹ (Fig. 2).  Your other items will also be imported, including your settings & options² (Fig. 3). 
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Once completed, you will be prompted to start using the new App (Fig. 4).

¹ If you had logged into your apps previously under different Navionics accounts, you will be prompted to choose the account you wish to use in the universal app. 
² If you have more than one obsolete app installed on your device with different settings, you will be prompted to choose which app you want to import settings from.