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Mobile App Migration: Syncing Purchases Before Proceeding

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To ensure the migration of your Navionics mobile app coverage and subscriptions, we suggest you perform the following steps before proceeding through app migration:

1.  Make sure you have an internet (WiFi or Cellular) connection.
2.  Open the original Navionics Boating app with your coverage/subscription purchase.
3.  If prompted to proceed with the app migration, tap the Not now link.
4.  Verify you are logged into the app by going to Menu > Settings > Login.
     If there is a "Login" button, it will be necessary to login with a Navionics account if one has
     already been created or to create an account.
5.  Back out to your main map screen and then go into Menu > Me > Subscription and tap 
     Restore Purchases at the bottom of the page. This will link the charts and subscriptions 
     to your Navionics account.
6.  Exit out of the original Navionics Boating app and then open it again. Follow the prompts 
     to complete the migration. More info at Mobile App Migration: The Process
7.  Once the new app (Boating Marine & Lakes for iOS or Boating HD Marine & Lakes for
     Android) is open, go to Menu > Settings > Login and make sure you are logged into 
     your Navionics account. If the Login button is there, make sure to login to the same 
     account you logged into with the original app.
8.  Back out to your main map screen and then go into Menu > Me > Subscription and
     your charts and subscriptions should be properly restored.

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