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MSD Format doesn't fit unit


Navionics has programmed charting onto the MSD (or MicroSD) format since 2010. The actual chart data is stored on the MSD card, and the MSD cards are shipped with a larger SD adapter. It is important to remember that the SD adapter does not have any data on it, and is used only as a means to connect your microSD card to your PC or to your unit if your unit takes the larger SD format. Units that require this smaller media sized chips will require the removal of this MSD format from the SD adapter.

1. Hold the chip so you can read the label.
2. There is a small groove at the bottom of the chip.
3. Gently use your thumbnail to slide the smaller microSD card out of the SD adapter. Do not use pliers or tools to remove the MicroSD card, as this can damage the card permanently.
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Even if your unit has a microSD slot, you should still keep your SD adapter for the following reasons:
  • To perform updates to the Navionics card from your computer. Reinsert the MSD card into the SD adapter > Insert both into the card reader > plug the card reader into the USB port of your computer. 
  • The information printed on the label of the adapter is needed should you require support with your card.    
Charts programmed in 2009 and earlier require a new chart purchase as they are programmed onto the SD or MMC cards directly.

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