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How to Record Sonar Logs With Your Raymarine Plotter

How to record sonar logs:

SonarChart™ is an HD bathymetry map featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail, great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and for locating fishing areas at any depth level.For more accurate local SonarChart, record sonar logs with your chart plotter and send them to Navionics. Navionics integrates the continuous stream of sonar logs shared by individual users with existing data to ensure SonarChart reflects the ever changing conditions of sea, lake and river bottoms.

You can find tutorials for recording on different Raymarine models at​

Simply install and/or launch the Chart Installer program. It’s easy. Plug your card into your PC and it will recognize if you have sonar/trail files on the card. Adjust your Sensor depth if necessary. Click Start.
Updated SonarChart will be available for download with Freshest Data after about one week. You can check the status of uploaded sonar logs as well. See SonarChart processing.

You can also connect to your Raymarine Lighthouse II MFD via WiFi to upload log files directly through the Plotter Sync feature. Connect your mobile device to the WiFi in your plotter. Then open your Navionics app and go to Menu > Connect a device. Once connected, sonar logs are the first item to be synced. Any sonar logs found on your Raymarine plotter will be automatically uploaded to us. For more information see Plotter Sync for Raymarine Lighthouse II MFD's.

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