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How do I use the SonarPhone feature with my mobile app?

First, you have to purchase and install on your boat the SonarPhone T-BOX hardware. You can purchase it directly from

Once it is installed, connect to the T-BOX’s Wi-Fi and the fishfinder will automatically appear on your map and SonarChart™ Live will begin creating your new personal HD bathymetry in real-time. 

Connect to the T-BOX Wi-Fi by going to Device Settings > Wi-Fi and connect your device to “T-Box”. The default password is 12345678.

To stop, disconnect from the T-BOX Wi-Fi.

You may also find this video helpful:  Navionics Boating and SonarPhone: Connecting to TBOX (Video)

How to create SonarChart™ Live 
Close any apps that may have used the compatible device’s Wi-Fi. Connect your mobile to the Wi-Fi of the device, then open the Navionics Boating app. A new map is created instantly on-screen as you move across the water. Adjust color and transparency with Menu > Map Options > SonarChart™ Live Settings. In case your logs don’t appear on the process status page, close the app and reopen it.

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