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General Settings for SonarCharts™ Live

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Connecting your Mobile app to a sonar device with wifi such as Vexilar Sonarphone, Raymarine Dragonfly Pro or WiFish, Lowrance HDS, Simrad, or B&G with GoFree or a Lowrance Elite TI will automatically begin SonarChart Live by taking the depth input and drawing contours in real time.  If you are connected and do not see a Live drawing there are several things you can check:
1.  Check your Wifi connection and try again
2.  Check to be sure the SonarChart Live transparency is not 100% (shown below)
3.  Check to be sure SonarChart Live is turned on (shown below)
4.  Remember, the boat must be moving forward for the recording to begin drawing

First, be sure that SonarChart live is enabled.  If no Sonar is connected the SonarChart Live Toggle will not be visible within the chart selection button menu.  This toggle allows you to see the SonarChart live recording as a layer.
User-added image

Once recording is visible you have several control setting options.  You can access these options by going to MENU > MAP OPTIONS > SONARCHART LIVE SETTINGS >
User-added image
FYI - you will also notice there is a SonarChart Live toggle shown in the Map Options menu.  This is different from the toggle stated in step 1.
Within Map Options, this toggle will sever the depth input so that the recording does not update in real time.  You can continue to see the drawn map without new change from new depth input.  

Within the SonarChart Live Settings Menu you have access to Color, Transparency, and SonarChart Density.

1.  Color Adjustment - use the 3 sliders or any combination to create you own custom color view.  It is important to note that rich color indicate shallow water and that this parameter is tied to Depth Shading in the Map Options menu.  In water deeper than the Depth Shading value, the Sonar Chart Live will always appear as white.
Below are examples of color options:
User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image

2.  Transparency - Using the Transparency slider will remove color and allow you to view the Navionics chart layer beneath.  The higher the percentage setting, the more clear the recording becomes.

User-added imageUser-added image

SonarChart Density - There are 4 settings to control the density of contours shown within the SonarChart Live recording.  Note: these do not control the density of contours shown within the Navionics SonarChart beneath.
Adjusting this setting may help reduce clutter with steep slopes where contours tend to stack up or dense contouring is not necessary.
User-added imageUser-added imageUser-added imageUser-added image

Note:  Shallow Water Highlight, Water Level Offset, and within "Fishing Mode" the Depth Range filters are not controlling the SonarChart Live recording.  They only influence the Navionics chart underneath.
Water Level Offset with no control over SonarChart LiveUser-added image


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