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Freshest Data Expired Message when Activating New Card

Please note that your card must be activated within two months of purchase in order to receive your free one year subscription.

 1.   Connect your Navionics card to your PC. (Note: If you purchased a card in SD/MSD format, the smaller microSD card needs to be inserted into the SD-sized adapter. The data is on the microSD card. You can connect the card either directly to your PC via an SD card slot or via USB with the assistance of a USB adapter.)

  •  For instructions to install the Chart Installer program, go to Downloading and Installing the Chart Installer Program
  • Note: Current version of the Navionics Chart Installer are not compatible with Chromebooks, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Mac OSX versions less than 10.12.

 2.   Login to the Chart Installer using an existing account, or create a new Navionics account

  • Active Navionics account holders (such as Navionics mobile users) can simply sign into their existing account
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  • ​NEW Navionics users - select the Create New Account button
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  • Select the manufacturer, family and model of your GPS/chart plotter/sounder

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 3.   Select the link specifying you have purchased your chart within the last two months. (NOTE: If you do not see this link, please contact us at

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 4.   Fill in your purchase information and select Submit

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 5.   Freshest Data is now ACTIVE on your card!

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 6.  Select the charting layers you wish to update and then Start to begin downloading your updates!

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