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Downloading charts to your Navionics+ or Navionics+ Updates card

Coverage can be downloaded to a Navionics+ or Navionics+ Updates card. 

Plug your Navionics card into your computer and launch the Chart Installer program.

For blank, user-selectable cards:

1.  Use the selection box with the four pins on the map screen to select an area to download
  • If you have already downloaded coverage to the card, the UPDATE tab will be highlighted
  • To display the selection box and add a new area, select the DOWNLOAD tab

User-added image

2.  You will notice a highlighted box that is brighter than the rest of the map
     This is your selection box and it is usually located in your general geographic area
3.  Click on a corner of this box and drag it over to your desired area
     Zoom the map in to your desired lake/river/coastal area

Note: You may have to adjust the coverage box – then zoom the map in or out – readjust the coverage box – zoom in or out some more to select your desired coverage

4.  Select the compatible chart layers you want to download from the left column
5.  Readjust the coverage box and hit “Start”

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Navionics+ preloaded cards include Nautical Chart and SonarChart™ files loaded on the card when purchased

  • This will contain several GB of data, which will take a significant amount of time to update
  • Community Edits (for compatible plotters) can be downloaded to the card at this time
For Navionics+ US & Canada cards - Your card contains the entire coverage of Nautical Chart

1.  Update Nautical Chart by checking the layer on the left download column and pressing the Start button
User-added image

2.  To download an area of SonarChart™ and/or Community Edits:
  • Select the area by using the selection box
  • Select the check boxes by the chart layers you want to download
  • Select the Start button
User-added image

For Navionics+ cards, you can also purge the coverage from the card and download only the areas needed within your coverage area. This will remove all the loaded chart data associated with your card, which can only be downloaded back to the card manually using the steps above under "Navionics+ blank, user-selectable" and only within your year subscription period.

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