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Mobile: Pairing a Device

You can connect your Navionics mobile app to a separate WiFi plotter, sounder or AIS receiver in order to utilize our Plotter SyncSonarChart™ Live or AIS functionality.

How to connect...

1.  Activate the WiFi within your plotter/sounder/AIS receiver
2.  Go to mobile device Settings
3.  Open the WiFi section
4.  Connect to the plotter/sounder/AIS receiver network

You will now see your plotter listed in your Menu under "Paired Devices". If you have multiple WiFi connections available and have previously connected to them through the app, they will be listed here.

You will also be able to check the status of your sonar, if connected:
- ON (the app receives depth but not GPS data)
- Recording (the app receives both GPS and depth data)


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