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Community Edits - How to Edit

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Community Edits allows the Mobile user to edit their mapping information to reflect changes in chart data (e.g., movement of a seasonal buoy), add information (e.g., a rock or boat ramp), or edit information (e.g., add/change services for a particular marina).  Community Edits are shared with the entire Navionics Community, including both Mobile users and plug-and-play users with compatible plotters.  If you wish to mark a spot for your own personal information, such as a spot where you want to go back to fish, you would want to create a Marker in your Favorites, which is only available to you personally.

In order to participate in Community Edits, you will be asked to create a Navionics Account and then respond to the verification email sent to you to confirm your account.  Once signed in you can use the Edit Map feature.

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