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Chart Viewer - Menu Options

The Navionics Chart Viewer Menu includes several functions/settings that can be changed or accessed through the Menu. They are described below.

Archive (Tracks, Routes, Markers)
Your Archive allows you to access synced/saved Routes. At this time Tracks and Markers are available through the Navionics mobile app only.
Your Routes are automatically synced through your Navionics account if you are logged into the website.

Map Options
Map Options allows the user to change the Map Overlay and Safety Depth.
The choices for Map Overlay will be Satellite (Bing) or Terrain (Open Street Maps). *Note this is not the same Satellite Overlay available within our Platinum plotter card products.*
Safety Depth can be changed to indicate the minimum depth required for safe navigation, making all depth areas lower colored in blue.

Weather & Tides 
Weather & Tides information is available through the Navionics mobile apps. 

Change the units for speed, depth, distance, etc. to change the display of those units within the Chart Viewer.

Boat Settings
Adjust your boat parameters before creating a Route to provide more accurate estimates of time, distance and fuel consumption.

Community Edits
View edits made by Navionics mobile app users including local knowledge around the world.

Sumbit Feedback
Email us with your questions and suggestions.


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