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Can my plotter card be updated?

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You can get updated Navionics charts for most Navionics plotter cards and even many cards from our competitors. 

You have a few simple options for receiving updated chart information:

1. Replace it with a new card and save 50%
If you have a registered Navionics card that has an expired subscription, get a new card online at up to 50% off! Just login to your account through our website. Purchase the replacement card and we'll ship it to you preloaded and active, with one year of daily updates and advanced features. For assistance in easily replacing your card at a discount click here.

2. Purchase a Navionics Updates Card
Most Navionics plotter cards such as our Silver, Gold, HotMaps Premium, Marine & Lakes USA, Land and Sea Gold cards and plotter bundle cards, can be used to activate a Navionics Updates card*. Have a Garmin, Lowrance or C-MAP card and switched to a Navionics-compatible plotter? Get the latest Navionics charts the same way. You can find the full list of compatible plotter cards here. A Navionics Updates card can be purchased through our online store or through a Navionics Dealer
*Navionics Updates cannot be activated using a Platinum, Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card.

3. Renew your subscription for updates at up to 50% off 
Insert your current card into your PC and go to the Chart Installer program on our website. Download it or launch it from here. Renew your subscription and receive updated Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ and Community Edits for an additional year. Chart cards with a memory capacity of at least 2GB and produced in 2011 or later have the ability to be updated online.

4. Exchange your Platinum+ card though a Dealer (procedure not available for North & South America**)
If you update your Platinum+ online though our Chart Installer you will update only the 2D charts (Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ & Community Edits). To update also the 3D charts & other Platinum features, you need to go to your local dealer, give back your old Platinum+ and ask for a new one that will be given to you at halfof its original price.
**Only available to customer's in Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Pacific nations.

(1., 2.) Any saved SonarChart Live files on your card can be moved to your new card when you receive it. Here's how.
(1., 2.) Your card is still functional in your plotter - just without the benefit of chart updates or advanced features.

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