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ActiveCaptain and Community Edits

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ActiveCaptain Community Points of Interest are now integrated within the new consolidated/universal app. This is a separate layer from the Navionics Community Edits layer, which will still be displayed on your map when the option is turned on. The symbols used for ActiveCaptain Community POIs are unique from the Community Edits symbols, which are derived from the NOAA chart database. For a key to the Active Captain Community symbols, please see: Active Captain: Symbol Key

The ActiveCaptain Community Layer will be ON by default in Map Options and can be turned on/off from Map Options section, right below Community Edits.
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The ActiveCaptain Community Layer is not visible over NOAA (GOVT) charts (just like Community Edits). If the GOVT layer is activated, the ActiveCaptain Community layer will be turned OFF. It will turn back ON if the GOVT chart layer is disabled.
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ActiveCaptain Community POIs will appear in the cross hair and within quick info results.
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At the bottom of every POI detail there is an Edit button. When tapped this will open (externally) the Garmin ActiveCaptain Website on the page of the selected POI. In order to make edits from the Garmin site, this requires Garmin account login credentials.There is not a way to edit these items from within the Navionics app. Only Community Edits are able to be edited when logged into your Navionics Account.
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ActiveCaptain Community POIs will also be displayed within search results and within Dock-to-dock Autorouting's "POI at destination". 
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