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Activating your Navionics Plotter Card for Chart Downloads/Updates

1.  Insert your Navionics Chart into your computer to launch the Chart Installer using a USB card reader or the card slot on your computer.
     Don't have the Chart Installer on your computer? See Downloading and Installing the Chart Installer Program
  • If you have a SD/MSD chip, please UNLOCK it first (locking mechanism pushed to the top of the card toward the contacts) and make sure your MSD card is inside of the SD adapter. The MSD card stands for microSD, and is the smaller card that can be found in the larger SD-size adapter. (You might notice that it has the amount of available GB on it.) This is the card that the data is actually stored on. The bigger SD card with the Navionics sticker on it is just an adapter to help you connect the smaller one to your computer. 
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2.  Login to the Chart Installer using an existing account or create a new Navionics account
  • Active Navionics account holders (such as Navionics mobile users) can simply sign into their existing account
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  • ​NEW Navionics users - select the CREATE ONE button
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  • Select the manufacturer, family and model of your GPS/chart plotter/sounder. 
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If you would like to download to or update your card, please continue through the next steps.
*** If you have a plotter card you were using to create SonarChart™ Live, you can move the files to your new card and continue to use them on your plotter. For full instructions see our Help article: Moving SonarChart™ Live logs from one card to another.

3.  Navionics Updates cards have a different activation process. See here for more information:
4.  For Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum products, you can update your preloaded charts, or download chart overlays: 5.  For Navionics+ products, either download chart coverage or update preloaded charts: 6. Click "START" and allow the charts to download.  Estimation of download time will vary based on internet connection & speed, as well as selected chart size.
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7.  Once the download has fully completed, safely remove your Navionics card
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  • FOR WINDOWS USERS - Click to show hidden icons - Click to Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media - Select Eject NAVIONICS
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  • FOR MAC USERS - Click to select the NAVIONICS drive - Select File > Eject NAVIONICS - Or select NAVIONICS and hit ⌘E
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