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How to Activate a New Navionics+ Updates Card

Navionics+ Updates is a new card that can be activated with an older card through our Chart Installer Program.
Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum products cannot be used to activate a Navionics+ Updates card. For a complete list of eligible activation cards, click here.

Once you have successfully installed the Chart Installer, plug your new Navionics+ Updates card into your computer and follow the prompts on the screen (fig 1).
(fig 1)
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For preloaded Navionics+ Updates cards:​​
You will receive a message that your Navionics+ Updates card is now active and ready to use in your chart plotter. (fig. 2)
You can also proceed to download SonarChart™ and/or Community Edits to your card. See Downloading charts to your Navionics+ or Navionics+ Updates card
(fig. 2)
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For blank, user-selectable Navionics+ Updates cards:
You will be prompted to select a region to associate with the card. When a region is selected you will see the coverage outlined on the map to the right.
Select your region and click Continue. (fig 3)

Confirm your choice by selecting “I Agree”. (fig 4)  Your card will be associated with this region for the entire one-year subscription period.
Once you have activated your new card, you can proceed to download charts to your Navionics+ Updates card before using it in your chart plotter.
(fig 3)
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(fig 4)
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Your original Navionics chip will be "blacklisted" after the activation process. It can no longer be updated or activate another Navionics+ Updates card.

  • Any saved SonarChart Live files on your card can be moved to your new card when you receive it. Here's how.
  • Your card is still functional in your plotter - just without the benefit of chart updates or advanced features.

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